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Nursing recruitment

In order to quickly relieve the pressure on the work teams and to rebalance the workload of the staff on site, concrete and exceptional measures are being put in place now. 

These immediate measures apply to nursing and cardio-respiratory care staff. These measures will allow for a rapid increase in the capacity of this workforce within the institution in order to maintain service delivery, reduce the use of overtime and the use of independent labour.

Measures to encourage the return of nursing and cardio-respiratory care personnel (including retirees)

Upon hiring, a lump sum of $5,000 and after 12 months of full-time work, an additional $10,000 for employees in the Outaouais region.

A re-employed retiree offering 14 shifts of availability per 28-day period will be eligible for the pro-rated lump sum payment.

To submit your application or for more information, you can contact us: