Psychosocial counselling

Psychosocial counselling covers psychosocial, marital and family interventions. The service aims to improve people’s social functioning as well as couple and family communication. It also prevents situations from escalating and reduces the impact of problems among individuals, couples and families.

The service targets anyone with a one-time or ongoing psychosocial issues (housing, financial situation, relationships with loved ones or other personal difficulties) or the family/couple dynamic.  

How do I access the services?

Anyone who wishes to access these services must first contact Info-Social (811) to set up a first assessment meeting. The individual will then be referred for psychosocial counselling, depending on his assessed need.

A community partner may also refer the patient directly for psychosocial counselling (family doctor, community organization worker, a school network, etc.)

Where and when are services provided?

Services are offered on weekdays (days and evenings) during the CLSC’s business hours (8 AM – 9 PM). See the map or list of facilities for a list of CLSCs that offer psychosocial counselling.

What should I expect?

Services are provided in the form of individual, couples, family or group counselling, and are usually offered on a short-term basis (maximum of 12 meetings). From time to time, it may be necessary to extend the intervention beyond the period initially agreed upon.