Becoming a foster family

The CISSS of Outaouais has an ongoing need for new housing resources for children, teens, or adults in the region who are in need of rehabilitation, adaptation, maintenance of abilities, or who are from a difficult family environment. To do this, it recruits, selects, does follow-up, assesses, and trains housing resources for these types of clients.

Family-type resources (FTR)

These resources are divided into foster families and foster homes. An FTR usually consists of one or two people who take in, into their primary residence, people (children, teens, adults, seniors) in need of rehabilitation, adjustment, maintenance of abilities, or who are from a difficult family environment.

  • Foster family (young people)

    A foster family is a living environment that reproduces a family setting. It usually accommodates children in difficulty in order to meet their needs and provide them with living conditions in a living environment that is as normalizing as possible. The foster family works closely with the CISSS of Outaouais and the child’s natural parents or representative in order to promote the child’s return to his/her family.

  • Foster home (adults) :

    Foster homes provide the people placed with them with living conditions that resemble as closely as possible those of a natural environment. They especially accommodate adults with an intellectual disability (ID), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or physical disability (PD) or seniors who are losing their autonomy in order to meet their needs.

Intermediate resources (IR)

An IR is a housing facility located in a residential neighbourhood that takes in multiple people in need of rehabilitation or who are from a difficulty family environment. This type of resource provides a living environment tailored to their needs and provides the support or assistance services required by the people’s condition.

Call for tenders

To become an IR, you must go through to a call for tenders process – electronic tendering system (SEAO). The SEAO system is an Internet-based application that consolidates the various notices from most public agencies of the Government of Quebec.

The notices published on the site are mainly from ministries and public agencies, organizations in the health and social services network, organizations in the education network, and Quebec municipalities, which also distribute their tender documents through the SEAO.

Companies interested in government contracts can go there to consult the published notices and obtain the associated documents (specifications, tender document, addenda, bid form, substantiating document, etc.).

The system also enables the distributing of notices from other jurisdictions, such as Canadian provinces involved in the notice exchange system. It also provides links to other tendering sites in Canada, the United States, or Europe.

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