Having a baby

The arrival of a child is always an important life milestone. This section will provide crucial information about programs and services available to properly prepare and support you before, during and after pregnancy.

Whether you choose to follow the conventional route and give birth in a hospital or to use the Birth Centre instead, you will see all options available, as well as links to tips and additional public health information.

You will also find follow-up information for toddlers (0-5 years old) and information on assisted reproduction and the adoption process.

Guide From Tiny Tot to Toddler

Better Living with Our Child is a practical guide that contains scientifically supported information on pregnancy, childbirth and the first two years of a child's life. A printed guide is given free of charge to all new parents in Quebec at the beginning of their pregnancy. Parents who adopt a child can also receive a free guide during the adoption process.

You can go to your local CLSC to get your guide or consult it online via this link: inspq.qc.ca/en