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Prenatal classes

In-person prenatal meetings

Prenatal meetings are held in English and in French with pregnant women accompanied by their spouses, a friend or a family member. 
Children are not allowed at these meetings.

What should I expect?

In-person prenatal meetings led by nurses are held on weeknights at your local CLSC. The program involves 4 meetings, each lasting 2 hours and held once a week.

  • Meeting 1: Preparing for birth: labour and delivery
  • Meeting 2: Dealing with contingencies
  • Meeting 3: Being a parent
  • Meeting 4: My choice: breastfeeding

How do I access the services?

Gatineau territory (Hull-Aylmer-Gatineau) and des Collines territory (Cantley-Chelsea-La Pêche-Val-des-Monts):

  • You and the person who accompanies you must register by filling out a form (online secured form currently under development - coming soon...) or in person at your CLSC. You will need to provide a proof of residence.
  • For more information, please call 819 771-2990, ext. 2217

Papineau territory: 

  • CLSC de la Vallée-de-la-Lièvre: 819 986-3359, ext. 2216
  • CLSC de la Petite-Nation: 819 983-7346, ext. 6353

Pontiac territory:

  • CLSC du Pontiac: 819 683-3000 and 1-800-567-9625 (toll free)

Vallée-de-la-Gatineau territory:

  • Maniwaki: 1 844-255-2513
  • CLSC de Low: 1 844-422-3548
  • CLSC de Gracefield: 1 844-463-2604

You must register early because spaces are limited. You will be sent a confirmation letter for the series of 4 meetings 2 weeks to 1 month before the start of the meetings (except for the Papineau territory).