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Integrated Perinatal and Early Childhood Services (SIPPE)

Integrated Perinatal and Early Childhood Childhood Services (SIPPE) are targeted at future parents and families where the pregnant woman did not finish high school and is living under the low-income threshold. Their goal is to provide families with the support needed to ensure optimal development for children, maximize their health potential and improve their living conditions.

Services offered:

The SIPPE team is comprised of the following professionals:

  • Clinical nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Psychoeducators
  • Special education technician
  • Social workers

How do I access the services?

Services are provided following a referral by a community partner, a medical referral or at the request of a client contacting her CLSC’s social services.

Where and when are services provided?

Support is in the form of one-on-one home meetings with a worker, participation in group meetings or community activities.

Support usually begins during pregnancy and continues to be available until the child starts school.