Giving birth in a hospital

The Gatineau Hospital welcomes and supports you during the wonderful journey of bringing your child into the world.

Our perinatal teams are caring, dynamic, professional and focused on the needs of couples and families. Our main priority and concern is to offer the highest quality of care and services. These teams will spare no effort to ensure that your baby is born under the best possible conditions.

Preparing for your labour and delivery : Natural ways to manage labour pain

Natural pain relief methods have many goals: help you relax, draw your attention away from the pain, ease the active phase of your labour and help you feel more in control. These methods help many women better manage labour pain, which in turn helps reduce the amount of painkiller medication used throughout the labour and delivery process. However, the perception of pain varies greatly from one woman to the next. That is why it is important to listen to your body. You are best suited to decide what is good for you. Please see the related and illustrated document in the « See also » section for more details.

Quiet Time

There is new project in place at the Gatineau Hospital : Quiet Time aims at promoting recovery and rest after delivery. Quiet Time happens daily from 1 pm to 2 pm and promotes a better recuperation following birth as well as parent-child bonding through skin to skin contact. 
During this period of calm, lights are dimmed on the unit, electronics are muted and interactions in and outside the rooms are decreased.
Please see document in the « See also » section for more details on Quiet Time.

In Pontiac region

You can also give birth at the Pontiac Hospital starting from the 36th week of pregnancy. The delivery team is made up of general practitioners with many years of experience.

  • G. Smith
  • Y. Bazile
  • J. Wootton
  • P. Talko
  • P. Croteau

A stand-by team is also available in case a C-section becomes necessary.

What to bring to the hospital?

List of items to bring with you for the delivery
What to bring to the hospital


Regarding the situation with COVID-19, it is important to limit the items you bring with you to the hospital for the delivery to the minimum. You can only bring a small lugage and a baby car seat. No personnal pillows. Thank you for your collaboration.;