811 Need help? Service request

Advice and referral to appropriate resources

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

For the entire Outaouais population.

Qualified staff available to help you.


  • If you are worried about a physical health problem, such as vomiting, a fever, swelling, a cold, a medication-related problem, etc., call 811 and choose Option 1, Info-Santé.
    A nurse will answer and give you advice based on the symptoms you describe.


  • If you are experiencing isolation, moral distress (whether or not accompanied by physical symptoms) associated with anxiety, relationship issues, difficulties with your children, family conflicts, etc., call 811 and choose Option 2, Info-Social.
    A social worker will answer your call and give you advice based on a specific protocol and provide you with a list of resources indicating where you can go depending on your condition.


  • The first phase of crisis response management is handled by the Info-Social phone line, available 7 days a week; the service can be accessed by dialing 811.
  • If the Info-Social service or the CLSC determine that an onsite response is required, the service is available 24/7. The service is provided at the patient’s home or at another appropriate location.
  • In serious urgent cases requiring transfer to a hospital emergency department, the intervention is performed in hospital emergency rooms in each territory.



Dealing with a physical health problem?
Dial 811, Option 1
(or 1 866 567-4036)


Dealing with a psychosocial problem?
Dial 811, Option 2
(or 1 866 567-4036)

Suicide crisis?

(1 866 277-3553)