Services for the homeless

Interventions pour mieux agir en exclusion sociale” (IMAGES) (Interventions to best fight social exclusion) is an assessment and intervention service aimed at promoting the integration of homeless people into the community. Its objectives are to:

  • prevent degradation and improve the living conditions of the homeless
  • support the clinical plan, the professionals, and the community resources working with the homeless
  • support the consolidation and local capacity building

The service is for the homeless or those at high risk of becoming homeless, especially those whose resource networks have been depleted, or whose health profiles are generally associated with multiple problems (HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health disorders, precarious housing conditions, etc.).

How do I access the service?

The service is offered upon request by a homeless person identified by local resources, who goes directly to a CLSC, or following a request from a local partner.

It is provided by a special education technician, while a clinical nurse and 2 general practitioners provide one-time medical care.

Our partners are the City of Gatineau, the Gatineau police and fire departments, as well as several regional community organizations.

What should I expect?

The service is offered on an as-needed basis. The team does not follow up on cases. Resources are always available for clients in order to ensure they are referred to the appropriate services in the event of recidivism or where new needs are identified.

Where and when are services provided?

CLSC St-Rédempteur in Hull
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
The hours can be extended to accommodate special needs.