Member recruitment

Interested in joining a committee representing users or residents?

Committee members must meet the following criteria:

  • They are committed to advocating for users’ rights, ensuring user satisfaction and improving the quality of the services they receive.
  • They represent all the institution’s clients without discrimination and regardless of the services received; they also do not use the committee for personal purposes.
  • They work with the other UC and RC members and with all the facility professionals in a spirit of respect and collaboration based on trust.
  • They work in partnership with different branches of the institution in order to develop a real synergy for the respect of users’ rights and the improvement of the quality of services within the CISSS Outaouais.
  • They have the availability required to meet the requirements of the committee’s mandate (about 9 meetings a year and participation in committees).

Contact us at 819 770-6528, ext. 108, and indicate the reason for your call or contact the committee you wish to become involved with!