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Midwives offer care and services to women who have made a free and informed decision to have their pregnancy managed by a midwife, and who are planning a physiological birth at a birthing centre, at home, or in the hospital, assisted solely by midwives.

You must participate in a welcome and information session and register with our administrative officer. Midwives’ care and services are targeted at:

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76 Gatineau Avenue
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Who will I deal with?

12 midwives

  • Parvin Makhzani, RSSF
  • Tobi-Lynn Bayarova
  • Roksana Behruzi
  • Martine Dumais
  • Line Ferland-Alain
  • Saïda Hamzaoui
  • Andrea Houle
  • Julie Léonard
  • Éloïse Lupien-Dufresne
  • Michèle Matte
  • Johanne Savoie
  • Nadia Zahali

5 birth attendants

  • Suzane Labbé
  • Elaine Landy
  • Claire Lavallée
  • Christine Jouve
  • Maryam M. Nabi


 administrative officer

  • Chantal Bernier


For more information

Midwifery: status and profession

  • A midwife is a health professional trained to provide care and services to mothers and newborn babies during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, up to six weeks after birth.
  • A midwife is a self-employed professional on contract with a CISSS (health and social services centre). Midwives’ services are fully covered if you have a valid health insurance card from RAMQ, so you don’t have to pay for them. Otherwise, you have to enquire about the cost of services, as they will be charged.
  • The midwife works at a birth centre. She is a part of a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals from the CISSS de l’Outaouais.
  • A midwife performs necessary clinical examinations, and can order sonograms, prenatal screening tests and various laboratory tests. Her care focuses on the normality of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Visit the website of l'Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec

Internships at the Birth Centre

  • To promote their training and allow the profession to thrive in Quebec, the Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais readily welcomes midwifery students. Each student beginning their internship at the birth centre must have completed at least one year of university studies in midwifery.
  • We ask for your cooperation in helping these students develop their talents by participating in your monitoring and delivery. Your collaboration is very important.
  • Each student is supervised by a midwife tutor, whom she shadows. The student emulates the midwife’s model of continuity of care for you and your family, while respecting your privacy. The coaching the tutor provides the student will depend on how many years of university studies she has completed. Everything is done in coordination with the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), which offers the only Bachelor’s Degree in midwifery in Quebec. It’s a 4½ year program.
  • See the UQTR Bachelor’s program