Prenatal classes

These prenatal classes are offered to clients who have registered for monitoring at the birth centre.

Massage for pregnant women

Basic notions of massage for pregnant women as well as techniques that can foster comfort and well-being.

Course offered by a massage therapist.


Relaxation and anchoring exercises, guided meditation/visualisation allowing contact with your body and with your baby. 
Introduction to birth preparation.

Physiology of pregnancy and birth

Signs of labour onset: lag phase, false labour and active labour; different stages of labour: the “path” to be taken by the baby and how it will proceed (mechanisms); pain: birth and expulsion of the placenta.
So: “What’s going on, and how does it all work? ”

Class offered by one of our midwives.


Benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby health; possible constraints; techniques and points of reference for a good latch; breastfeeding schedule and signs that the baby is drinking enough; preventing problems; solutions to some difficulties; the roles of those around you; support and peer resources.

Class offered by a breastfeeding coach or a lactation consultant.

Being a parent can be learned

Bonding; becoming a parent; characteristics of a normal newborn; how to hold and dress a baby, give him a bath, burp him, take care of his cord and his skin, etc. Various additional documents will be available on-site.

Class offered by one of our birth attendants.