Speech therapy 0-5 years

Speech therapy services are targeted at:

  • Eligible children under the age of 5 presenting language, speech or communication impairments
  • School age children (5 to 17 years old) presenting needs associated with:
    • Stuttering
    • A cleft palate
    • A voice or resonance disorder
    • A lateral stigmatism (lateral lisp).

How do I access the services?

Speech therapy is offered following a medical referral, a referral by a health or social services professional, by a community partner or at the direct request of a parent, according to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The application must be received by March 1st of the year prior to starting kindergarten for 5 year-olds
  • The user must reside within the territory of the CISSS de l’Outaouais
  • The user must not have been diagnosed with certain conditions (a physical disability (PD), an intellectual disability (ID), an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or certain genetic syndromes).

Contact your CLSC’s social services.

What should I expect?

Services are offered at your local CLSC following a needs assessment, and based on available resources.

Depending on established needs, a monitoring ranging from 8 to 12 meetings (single-discipline needs) or comprising a total of 20 meetings (multidisciplinary needs) is offered.

  • In the single-discipline case, the service is offered by a speech therapist.
  • In the multidisciplinary case, the child is seen by a multidisciplinary team with occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychoeducation specialists.