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Driving evaluation and vehicle adaptation program (PCAAV)

This program is for:

  • people with physical disabilities causing impairments likely to interfere with their ability to drive a motor vehicle safely (driving)
  • people with physical disabilities limiting their capacity to get into a vehicle (vehicle adaptation).

How do I access the services?

  • To have access to a driving assessment, the person must be referred by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ)’s medical assessment service and bring a Form M-57.
  • For vehicle adaptation applications, clients may contact the ID-PD-ASD program access point.


These interventions are performed only as-needed by occupational therapists at 135 St-Raymond Blvd., Gatineau. They include:

  • A driving capacity assessment, i.e. a written test and a road test.
  • Recommendations to the SAAQ)’s medical assessment service, and/or
  • Assessment, identification and recommendation for adaptations to the vehicle (driver side and passenger side adaptations) and/or a mobility aid loading system.

Road tests are performed in partnership with a driving school, and carry a fee.