Day centres

Day centres provide home support services for seniors experiencing a loss of independence. Day centres offer various therapeutic activities to help seniors maintain their abilities, while providing respite and support for family caregivers. The purpose of day centres is to help people maintain their independence and overcome social isolation by joining a group.


  • To promote home support
  • To maintain seniors’ functional independence and health
  • To stimulate cognitive functions
  • To prevent certain people from becoming isolated
  • To promote health
  • To help family caregivers with home support

The program is intended for seniors with a geriatric profile of 65 years of age or older who live at home or in a private senior’s residence and who are:

  • experiencing a loss of functional independence
  • willing to accept the professional guidance required for monitoring and maintaining the person’s overall condition
  • able to adapt to group activities

People who live in an NIR that offers recreational services are excluded.

Services offered

  • Cognitive activities
  • Physical activities
  • Activities to promote good health and prevention
  • Integrated dynamic balance program
  • Outings
  • Socializing

How do I access the services?

These services are available through the central access point for independence supports for seniors (Guichet d’accès centralisé du soutien à l’autonomie des personnes âgées).

Where are the services provided?

Day centre services are offered at a variety of locations, including CISSS Outaouais facilities and sites loaned by community organizations or cities and municipalities. These activities are delivered at various points of service, covering the entire Outaouais region and providing access to local services.