Day hospital

This service is intended for people who live at home and who have a geriatric profile associated with cognitive and motor impairments. These seniors have one or more pathologies combined with one or more geriatric syndromes resulting in impairments that affect their functional independence.

Day hospitals contribute to home support for seniors experiencing a loss of independence, by providing them with access to interdisciplinary services close to home. The recommended therapeutic approach promotes the empowerment and accountability of the individual and his or her network of caregivers. It focuses on developing skills that allow these seniors to continue living safely at home. Depending on the individual’s needs, a one-on-one, blended or group approach may be taken.

The services are offered on an outpatient basis by permanent staff who have knowledge of geriatrics and the professional and personal skills required to apply the principles of geriatric outreach. These services are an integral part of the client’s individualized services and service allocation plan (plan de services individualisés et d’allocation de services (PSIAS)).


  • To promote home support
  • To optimize the senior’s functional independence and health
  • To provide an alternative to a geriatric medical assessment at the emergency department or the hospital
  • To support community and emergency physicians in the diagnostic assessment of complex geriatric cases that could be monitored in the community
  • To prevent the progression of loss of independence

Services offered

Functional rehabilitation evaluation program

  • Interdisciplinary assessment, comprehensive geriatric outreach, recommendations, active physiotherapy treatments, occupational therapy and teaching
  • Medical assessment and nursing care
  • One-on-one and group approach; a combination of both
  • Two visits a week from 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. or from 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
  • Length of stay varies; maximum of 3 months

Diagnostic evaluation program with recommendations

  • Only people with a family physician can be enrolled in this program
  • People must be referred by their family physician
  • Medical assessment associated with geriatric syndromes, supported by assessments from the interdisciplinary teams, as needed
  • Use of the hospital’s technical support centre, if necessary
  • Recommendations given to the family physician and the senior or his or her family
  • Visits on an occasional basis only
  • Variable lengths of stay
  • Possibility of a referral to the functional rehabilitation program afterwards, if a physician finds it necessary

Continence program

The program is offered at the Hull Day Hospital only for clients in the Hull, Aylmer and Gatineau sectors. 

  • One-on-one approach with a nurse continence advisor
  • Assessment, treatment and education sessions
  • Referral to another health professional, as needed
  • 1 to 6 visits of about an hour each

How do I access the services?

These services are available through the central access point for independence supports for seniors (Guichet d’accès centralisé du soutien à l’autonomie des personnes âgées).

Where are services provided?

In the Hull, Aylmer and Gatineau sectors, these services are offered at the CHSLD La Piétà, the CHSLD Renaissance and 455 Montée Paiement.