Residential and Long-Term Care Centres (CHSLDs)

There are 14 public CHSLDs and 2 private CHSLDs in the Outaouais region, for a total of 1,290 spots. These centres are intended for adults experiencing a loss of functional or psychosocial independence who can no longer remain in their natural environment, despite the support of those around them. CHSLDs offer temporary or permanent alternative living arrangements, residential care services, assistance, support and monitoring, as well as rehabilitation, psychosocial, nursing, pharmaceutical and medical services.

Residential centres are for people with a severe loss of independence and varying needs. Approximately 80% of the clients staying at a CHSLD have moderate to severe cognitive impairment. All CHSLDs in the Outaouais favour the home-like approach and the relational care approach to promote residents’ well-being, while respecting their rights, their ability to act and their dignity. CHSLDs offer a wide range of services, such as board and lodging, nursing care, assistance with daily activities, monitoring, medical and pharmaceutical services, nutrition services, rehabilitation services, social intervention, recreation and pastoral animation services.

Family plays an important role in the living environment, and their contribution to the daily lives of the residents is highly valued.

How do I access the services?

These services are available through the central access point for independence supports for seniors (Guichet d’accès centralisé du soutien à l’autonomie des personnes âgées).