Ambulatory Clinic 0-17 years old

This ambulatory clinic offers additional alternatives to the emergency room for clients aged 0 to 17 without a family doctor. The clinic will be located at 500 boulevard de l'Hôpital in Gatineau and will offer appointments from Monday to Friday by a team of emergency doctors. For more information, visit the Outaouais Ambulatory Clinic 0-17 page.

The 0-17 year old population without a family physician needing to see a health care professional is encouraged to consider the following options:

  • Contact Info-Santé / Info-Social at 811
  • Consult a community pharmacy
  • GAP : You can reach the GAP Outaouais if your child does not have a family doctor by calling 819-966-6201 or 1-833-966-6201. Or by dialing 811 option 3.
  • RVSQ : Rendez-vous santé Québec allows you to make a pediatric appointment at the 0-17 year old ambulatory clinic online.