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Addiction services (12-18 years)

Youth addiction services are targeted at youths aged 12 to 18 with substance abuse problems and their family members.

Types of services offered:

  • One-one-one and group meetings
  • Motivational groups
  • Detoxification service
  • Internal rehabilitation providing a wide variety of programs aimed at reducing harm.

How do I access the services?

Addiction services are implemented through the specialized regional assessment program (Programme régional d’évaluation spécialisé (PRÉS)) after an assessment of the youth’s substance abuse problems either by himself/herself or by those around them.

This assessment is conducted following a referral by the youth, by the school, or by a health and social services partner.

Note that following a needs assessment, the youth must be willing to receive services relating to his/her addiction.

Contact the team at 819 776-5584.

What should I expect?

The services offered are tailored and focused on the needs of the youth and those around him/her by controlling their substance use. To that end, a tailored response plan is prepared jointly with the other network partners.

Where and when are services provided?

Outpatient services are offered throughout the Outaouais region through local service points, in schools and in rehabilitation centres in the Direction des programmes jeunesse.

Internal services, including detoxification, are offered at 25 rue St‑François, in Gatineau, Hull sector.