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Aire Ouverte (12-25 years old)

Aire Ouverte in the Outaouais!

A space designed specifically for youth aged 12 to 25 has just arrived in our area!

Since April 2021, the Aire Ouverte team has been operating within our organization. The mission of this dynamic team is to introduce the Aire Ouverte concept into the Outaouais area by working directly with youth, their loved ones, and many community partners.

What is Aire Ouverte?

A place where there are no wrong questions, no judgments, and where every teenagers and young adults are welcomed.

  • Services offered under one roof
  • Quick and easy access to services
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Our caseworkers are actively present in the community (reaching out approach)
  • An approach geared towards their specific needs


Aire ouverte is for youth:

  • Who are currently not having any services or are unwilling to do so
  • Who are in a situation of vulnerability or social disaffiliation
  • Who are having difficulties transitioning between youth and adults services
  • Who require complementarity services to the ones that are actually receiving


Aire Ouverte site by the Ministry of Health and Social services (MSSS)

Aire Ouverte : services for young people aged 12 to 25

Terms or reference for aire Ouverte by the MSSS (in french)

Terms of reference

Our team

  • Josiane Nantel, PPRO
  • Natasha Dagenais, Senior Advisor, Project Manager
  • Emilie Giry, Community Organizer

Contact us

Youth and Loved ones/caregivers

Want to get involved?

We want to hear your ideas to build an Aire ouverte that truly meets the needs of the youth in our community.

By becoming a Youth partner, you:

  • Share your ideas and experience to improve services for teenagers and young adults
  • Represent the voice of the youth of your community
  • Help us make the right decisions


It's easy!

There are several ways to get involved, based on your interests and availability.

Contact Emilie Giry for more information.

Call or text : 819 213-4225

Emai; :

Messenger : Emilie Giry Aire ouverte


For caregivers and loved ones 

Coming soon


Coming soon