Organ and tissue donation

Organ and tissue donation is a generous act that consists in agreeing to certain organs or tissues being extracted after death. These organs and tissues can save lives, or at the very least, significantly improve the lives of people waiting for transplants.

Who will I be dealing with?

Nurse counsellors in the organ and tissue donation program are professionals who specialize in supporting families in times of crisis, in identifying and referring potential organ donors, as well as in providing optimal support.

They provide training to professionals in hospitals and run awareness programs among Outaouais residents.

Some families who experience the loss of a loved one are contacted for possible organ donations.

Approach by nurse counsellors

  • Offer an end-of-life option that respects the wishes of clients and families
  • Provide full explanations to allow an informed choice
  • Allow the family to decide freely, without any pressure
  • Provide psychological and moral support, as well as empathy throughout the process
  • Provide telephone follow-up to all families met and inform them of all resources available in the region

How can you express your consent to donate organs and tissues?

  1. When renewing your health-insurance card, sign the RAMQ consent register
  2. Sign the sticker and put it on the back of your health-insurance card
  3. When you write your will, have your decision recorded in the Registre des consentements au don d’organes et de tissus of the Chambre des notaires du Québec
  4. Notify your family!

You can contact the counsellors at 819 966-6200, ext. 335397 and 335989

Contact the counsellors

819 966-6200
ext. 335397 and 335989