Family history research and reunion (adoption)

This service covers all actions that can be taken:

  • By an adoptive parent: to know the child’s socio-biological history;
  • By an adopted child or an adoptable but non-adopted child aged 14 and older in order to know his roots and find his biological parents;
  • By a biological parent (birth parent) to know some characteristics of his child’s living environment and find the child

How do I access the service?

The different CISSS de l’Outaouais outlets receive and process requests for family history research and reunions for people living in the Outaouais. These services are free of charge.

Contact us:

Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais
Service Accueil adoption
105 Sacré-Cœur Blvd.
Gatineau, Quebec J8X 1C5
Tel.: 819 771-2990, ext. 442135

What should I expect?

Family history research:

  • When a request is received, a summary of the history is prepared. The summary contains non-confidential information included in the adoption file.
  • Psychosocial support is offered as needed.
  • After the request is made, two options are available: end the service or proceed to the reunion service.


  • Steps will be taken to find the person being sought and to notify him that the other party wishes to meet him.
  • Each party must provide written consent for any possible meeting, or before any identifiable information is exchanged.
  • Psychosocial support is provided to help the parties throughout the process

Where and when are services provided?

Requesters are usually met at a CISSS de l’Outaouais outlet. Reunions can take place at any location chosen by the parties.

Additional information

Our interventions are governed by provisions of the Civil code of Quebec:

Article 582

“The judicial and administrative files concerning the adoption of a child are confidential and no information contained in them may be revealed except as required by law.

However, the court may allow an adoption file to be examined for the purposes of study, teaching, research or a public inquiry, provided that the anonymity of the child, of the parents and of the adopter is preserved.”

Article 583:

“An adopted person of full age or an adopted minor 14 years of age or over is entitled to obtain the information enabling him to find his parents if they have previously consented thereto.  The same holds true of the parents of an adopted child if the child, once of full age, has previously consented thereto.

An adopted minor under 14 years of age is entitled to obtain information enabling him to find his parents if the parents and the adoptive parents have previously consented thereto.

Consent may not be solicited; however, an adopted minor may not be informed of the application for information made by his father or mother.”

Service request?

Contact us:

CISSS de l’Outaouais
Service Accueil adoption
105 Sacré-Cœur Blvd.
Gatineau, Quebec  J8X 1C5
Tel.: 819 771-2990, ext. 442135